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Mutts with Manners: Are you embarrassed to have company over because your dog jumps all over them? Do you dread walking your dog because he pulls you down the street or worse yet bolts after cars driving by? Would you like neighbors to admire your dog instead of complain about him? Are you tired of just plain mayhem in your household? This 6 week class will help with the Dog Mayhem giving you time to deal with the Other Mayhem in your busy, hectic life. If you are looking for a courteous canine you not only love, but enjoy having around, this is the class for you. Six weeks, Mondays 6:30pm - 7:30pm Oct 12- Nov 16

Pee Wee Puppy Enrichment: Get your puppy off on the right paw with puppy rules, manners and exploration. Set the foundation for a well-balanced adult dog. It's never too early. For puppies 8 weeks - 16 weeks. This is a private session so we can tailor it to your specific puppy needs whether you are having trouble with house-breaking, play-biting, coming when called or manners with the kids. This appointment is scheduled according to what fits your schedule.

Puppy Playgroup: A safe place for puppies to develop some of their dog etiquette. Their owners can brush up on some their skills and dog-dog language interpretation also. This is separate from our Pee Wee Puppy Enrichment Consult. You do not have to have had Pee Wee Puppy Enrichment to participate in Puppy Playgroup. These sessions have a variable schedule. Check our calendar.

Therapy Dog Class: Ever want to take your dog to visit the elderly or help kids learn to read by sharing your dog's love & patience? This 5 week class gets you prepared to take a therapy dog test. Learn about the different organizations, the differences between service dogs and therapy dogs and more!!!  TBA

Pet Tech Pet First Aid: This four-hour training is taught by lecture, demonstration and hands-on skill practice. Pet owners will learn the necessary skills and techniques to help their pet in a medical emergency. Including: the ABCs of pet first aid, CPR, rescue breathing, restraint/muzzling, choking management, bleeding protocols, injury and wellness assessments, heat and cold injuries, poisoning, putting together a pet first aid kit, establishing a relationship with your vet and much more. TBA

Doga: Need to focus on the person part of the canine-person team? Interested in another activity to share with your furry friend? This fun activity may be of interest to you. First time yoga students are welcome. Class schedule varies.TBA


  • Would you like an enjoyable walk but your dog drags you around on a leash?


  • Would you like calm & quiet greeting behavior but your dog jumps in excited hysteria every time she greets someone?


  • Would you like polite house manners but the words "unruly" or "unmannerly" have been used to describe him as he bolts out the door?


  • Would you like off-leash freedom but she only comes when she's not distracted and she feels like it?


  • Are you interested in doing therapy work with your dog?

    WE CAN HELP!  C'mon follow me....

To contact us: sharon@caninecoach.net  or 715.493.9110

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