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Basic Obedience Leash & CollarThis 7 week class teaches basic behaviors to make it easier to live with your pet. Sit, come, leave it, down, loose lead walking along with leadership exercises for you & the family are just a sampling of what to expect from this class. $100.00 Date to be Announced



Tricks Class: Get out and have some fun! No homework, just a lot of fun! This 6 week class helps with basic obedience skills, but don't tell your dog that!  Pre-requisite basic obedience or permission of instructor. $90.00 Date to be Announced



Therapy Dog Class: Ever want to take your dog to visit the elderly or help kids learn to read by sharing your dog's love & patience? This 5 week class gets you prepared to take a therapy dog test. Learn about the different organizations, the differences between service dogs and therapy dogs and more!!!   TBA $90.00

Puppy Enrichment: Get your puppy off on the right paw with puppy rules, manners, and proper socialization. Set the foundation for a well-balanced adult dog. It's never too early. For puppies 8 weeks - 20 weeks. TBA

Pet Tech Pet First Aid: This four-hour training is taught by lecture, demonstration and hands-on skill practice. Pet owners will learn the necessary skills and techniques to help their pet in a medical emergency. Including: the ABCs of pet first aid, CPR, rescue breathing, restraint/muzzling, choking management, bleeding protocols, injury and wellness assessments, heat and cold injuries, poisoning, putting together a pet first aid kit, establishing a relationship with your vet and much more.


Doga: Need to focus on the person part of the canine-person team? Interested in another activity to share with your furry friend? This fun activity may be of interest to you. First time yoga students are welcome.

Class schedule varies.

  • Would you like an enjoyable walk but your dog drags you around on a leash?


  • Would you like calm & quiet greeting behavior but your dog jumps in excited hysteria every time she greets someone?


  • Would you like polite house manners but the words "unruly" or "unmannerly" have been used to describe him as he bolts out the door?


  • Would you like off-leash freedom but she only comes when she's not distracted and she feels like it?


  • Are you interested in doing therapy work with your dog?

    WE CAN HELP!  C'mon follow me....

To contact us: sharon@caninecoach.net  or 715.493.9110

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