Kinaesthetic™ bodywork

Canine Body Care

The canine athlete, including the Weekend Paw-warrior, can benefit greatly from dog body care. Pain or kinks can affect behavior. Kinaesthetics™ can result in better movement, range of motion and pain relief.

Kinaesthetics Bodywork is a system of meaningful touch designed to help increase range of motion, free up muscles and help relieve pain.

Canine Kinaesthetics™ is the only system of body work to incorporate a two-way behavioral and neurological "dialogue" as one of its key components.


  • Has your dog's behavior changed?
  • Does your dog seem uncomfortable or cranky?
  • Does his movement look "not right"?
  • Do you have an aging dog you'd like to make more comfortable?
  • Do you have a dog in sports such as flyball or agility?
  • Would you like to maximize training and conditioning?
  • Would you like to minimize athletic wear and tear?
  • Would you like to prolong your dog's working life as much as possible?

Kineasthetics™ has solutions and tools to maximize your dog's well-being.

Contact us:  or 715.493.9110

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