Meet Our Canine Staff

Back row left to right: Ledum, Leonberger; Mara, GSD; Kyoak, Leonberger

Front row left to right: Corvus, Leonberger; Tringa, Leonberger


Junior Staff

Ledum joined our staff in Nov 07 as another rescue with some dog issues. He's come a long way. His energy is very big and forward. He's hardly ever serious about anything. He almost always succeeds in making people laugh. And demonstrating to owners control is not about size. He's also used in Pet First Aid classes to teach about structure.

Tringa came to us Jan 08. She's the puppy of the group being a great ambassador and example to the puppy crowd. Her motto is "Full Speed Ahead!".

Corvus joined us in Nov 06 as an extremely malnourished rescue. He still has some shyness issues, but always has upbeat energy. He is mostly used in larger group settings.


Ky (Kyoak):


Forever in our Hearts

Ky came to us in 2000 as a rehome with some major behavioral issues.

He's been training with us since the beginning, attending training school with Sharon.

He's very serious and dedicated when on duty and has helped lots of dogs with their issues.

He's also a Delta Therapy dog who helps kids with their reading.

He also enjoys teaching Pet First Aid.

Mara (Samara):

Mara was added to the staff 3 years ago with the idea of easing Ky into retirement. Unfortunately, Mara has some hip issues and cannot do certain physical things. Her strong points are excellent dog language and the ability to draw out the unsure. And the ability to convince clients to throw something for her over and over.

She also enjoys teaching Pet First Aid.



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