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Canine Coach Featured in Local Paper Business Section

On Wednesday, April 22, 2009, The Buyer's Guide Business Profile featured Canine Coach.

Ky Earns LTA

On February 26th, 2009, our very own Kyoak completed his 50th school visit. This completes the criteria established by the Leonberger Club of America to earn his Leonberger Therapy Dog Award (LTA).

This accomplishment was made even more special by the fact it fell on his tenth birthday.

The kids who usual read to him to improve their reading skills had a party. We all took turns reading from the book Walter the Farting Dog.

It was a wonderful day.


Huh? What is all this alphabet soup?

International Association of Canine Professionals Certified Dog Trainer

Why is the title Certified Dog Trainer important?

Did you know currently anyone wanting to call themselves a dog trainer can do so? Someone who may have had some success training their own family pet decides it’s fun and will start charging the neighbors to train their dogs. That’s all well and good IF the person really is able to read a dog correctly and communicate to the owners.

One of the reasons I became a dog trainer was because another person in the area started calling themselves a dog trainer. Some of my grooming clients started questioning me about some of the advice they’d gotten from this person. This person had trained their own dogs, gone to a few seminars and viola…a dog trainer was born. After handling thousands of dogs in almost 25 years, I didn’t just hang out a shingle and call myself a dog trainer. I went to school.

I hold certifications from a couple different dog training schools. Probably more important to me, though, is my Certified Dog Trainer certificate from IACP - my IACP CDT designation.

What do the initials IACP CDT mean?

The CDT exam is intended to test an applicant’s basic level of skills to provide the general public with a standard of expectation for what constitutes a “basic level” of expertise. The passing of the CDT exam also provides recognition and approval from peer professionals within an internationally established organization. The CDT is a RESULTS based certification with the trainer being held to the code of ethics of the IACP. It’s important to a person hiring a dog trainer to know the trainer is being held to a high standard and has proven their ability to train you and your dog. The initials IACP CDT mean your trainer has done this.

Delta Therapy Pet Partners Team Evaluator

On August 12th, Sharon completed her training for Pet Partner Team Evaluator with Delta Society. She is now licensed to evaluate owner-dog teams wanting to become therapy partners with Delta Society.

IACP Conference Educational & Fun!

Canine Coach's Sharon Larson with Brother Christopher of the Monks of New Skete. Check out "Divine Canine" on Animal Planet.


Local Canine Professional Receives International Award; Builds Business

By Barbara Suozzi

 April 21, 2006

McNaughton – Sharon Larson, owner of the professional dog training enterprise, The Canine Coach, received the prestigious President's Award from the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) this March. Ms. Larson received the award in the presence of over 400 peers from around the world, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Norway, Japan, and Turkey.

 "Sharon Larson is a credit to the canine profession and to our organization,” stated Martin Deeley, President of the IACP, as he presented her with the award at the annual conference in Texas.

The IACP is an organization established in 1999 to maintain the highest standards of professional and business practice among canine professionals.

 The award also heralds the opening of Sharon's new training center later this year near McNaughton. The center is currently under construction and when completed Sharon will offer Canine Kinaesthetics™ bodywork as well as group classes, events, and private lessons. She services the Rhinelander, Lakeland, and surrounding areas.

"My philosophy is to view the dog as an integrated whole because body issues can affect behavior and training issues," Sharon explained when asked what dog owners can expect from The Canine Coach. She specializes in improving dog-owner relationships through communication with the positive goal of teamwork and providing owners off-leash control.

Sharon has been involved in animal care since 1979. She has been a professional groomer since 1986 at Northern Paws Animal Hospital, and began professionally training dogs in 2003 with The Canine Coach. Sharon is also a Canine Kinaesthetics™ bodywork practitioner, a member of the American Dog Owners Association, and is involved in dog breed rescue.

A life-long resident of the Rhinelander area, Sharon and her husband, Mark Naniot, live near McNaughton with their 7 dogs and 2 cats.

Sharon can be reached at 715.493.9110.

To contact us  or 715.493.9110

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