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In February 2011 we picked up our new lab puppy “Stella” with all of the excitement and expectation of what was to come: nice walks, quiet time, a new hunting buddy and a calm addition to the family.  The first few weeks went well with the aid of training books, training videos and a vacation (to help acclimate our new puppy).  As the seasons changed from winter to spring and then summer our little puppy changed as well.  By July, she was running the household and had gained the size and strength to impose her will.  Without help, we knew we would be in for a long and difficult journey.  Dreading the future was the mood.  We knew the dog was fine but we needed training and a coach. 

In July we started a basic obedience training course with Sharon.  With an uncontrollable lab mixed in with a variety of other dogs, we did not know what to expect and were truly stressed.  The teaching style, professional knowledge and Sharon’s ability to interpret the behavior she was observing (in both us and the dog) allowed us to be comfortable in class, learn to understand our dog and then to make significant progress.  When we had completed part of this course, the excitement and the success we were seeing lead us to ask about additional training.  Sharon recommended electronic training.  We had not considered electronic training and we had only been exposed to the old paradigm of this style of training being “shock treatment”.  With a trust in the trainer and a collar in hand, we started with the basic electronic training class.  This continued on to the advanced training class which we recently completed.  The one on one training sessions, the professional knowledge of both methods and equipment (immediately identifying a malfunction in our collar) and Sharon’s commitment/desire for us to succeed resulted in a significant change in both us and our dog.  The cost of these classes was an exceptional value.  We are now well on our way to meeting our expectations thanks to the coaching that Sharon provided.   

Thanks again, Sharon!

Dave and Patty Gardner


I wanted to thank you for your great advice on how to deal with Tess's fears. Whenever I tell her it is ok and to check it out she will. She is not 100 percent brave but look at her with the running vacuum cleaner! It only took one time for her to get rid of her fear of the vacuum cleaner. Now when I want to vacuum I have to make her move out of the way. Thanks again.

 ~Laurale & Tess




I just wanted to tell you that I have used things I learned in your class as far as getting JuJu to come to me if she gets out of the house without her leash and we are making progress!  I also used the "look at me" when I had a professional photo taken of her.  Your class was really a big help in teaching me how to work with her.  Thanks.

Carol  C. & JuJu 


Dear Sharon,

We want you to know how much we enjoyed the training sessions we had with you and our "Lady". We are truly amazed at all she learned. We never thought she would learn the "down" command, but as you can see by the attached picture she did learn it. One of our goals for her was to be able to go for walks without a struggle. Not only did we accomplish that, but we can go for walks without a leash and it is quite enjoyable. We miss the training sessions but have been working with her on a consistent basis so she doesn't forget what she's learned. We would recommend your class to anyone. We don't think there are any more puppies in our future, but if there are, we will be on your doorstep.

Thank you.

Sandy & Karl Olsen with Lady


We came to Sharon in July 2008 with an extremely timid dog--doesn't sound like much of a problem except she was so timid she would snap at people she didn't know. We were at the point of disliking unfamiliar people in our home for fear she would bite them. Darby also had a great deal of difficulty following basic commands. Our first visit plainly showed Sharon the issues Darby was experiencing. After five training sessions, practice on-site and at home, and the use of confidence building activities, we now have a more confident, controlled dog. We can actually say we again have a welcoming home. Sharon is knowledgeable, compassionate and comes highly recommended by our family.

Donna, Gene & Sam Welhoefer with Darby



In December my husband and I became new proud owners of a Lab puppy, Delta. We were both looking forward with anticipation and apprehension as to what this new bundle of joy was to bring into our life. Now, having a 13 and 9 year Lab with health issues, a new, healthy puppy was sure to be a breath of fresh air. As a co-worker of Sharon’s, I was able to pick her brain daily with questions of what to expect, how to train, and even borrowed books to freshen up my training skills.  My husband and I knew we wanted Sharon’s help to train Delta with an electronic collar. We had seen how well her client’s canines took to the collar and were well behaved.

 We started Delta out young wearing the collar around to get used to the feeling. She soon learned sit, come, stay, wait, and off. She progressed quickly and was a quick learner, although she was strong willed at times. Best of all, she was a happy puppy and never seemed afraid to learn or try anything new.

 All of a sudden we were thrown a curve ball!! At 13 weeks old, Delta developed a tear of her ACL in her left knee while playing with our 9 year old Lab. It took us a couple weeks and a visit to a specialist to get her final diagnosis. What to do with a puppy on exercise restrictions for weeks and a full orthopedic surgery soon to come?

 Thank goodness she had already started her training program. We were able to control her actions with the collar and it came in so handy! She knew to listen to us with out us yelling at her and getting blue in the face. She was good on a leash (sometimes it was tough!) and we were able to stop her actions when she was getting rowdy with the simple command “off”. I am sure that if she had not started her training, she would have been an uncontrollable handful of a puppy that was on house confinement for 4 weeks after surgery!! We were able to work her mind to tire her out in the house. 

With Sharon’s help, we have a wonderful Lab puppy that is happy go lucky, loves to learn and is eager to please.  What an asset Sharon is to the training community!

Jody  & Brett McKinney with Delta


One year ago we lost our dog, Buddy.  The grief we experienced around the death of our pet convinced us that we would never have another dog.

Buddy was a magnificent animal, bright, enthusiastic and affectionate.  He enjoyed people and other dogs. He took pleasure in jumping up to greet people.  We walked together for thirteen years.  Buddy would be on a leash pulling me for two miles, twice a day.  Although he understood the command “Come!” when he was off leash; at times he would accommodate me, but more often than not I found myself yelling numerous times for him to return.  Eventually he would arrive home.  As he approached I would say, “Where were you?” in a frustrated, angry tone of voice.  He never did tell me, but I kept asking.  Buddy loved to play Frisbee.  I would toss it into the air until Buddy decided he was no longer interested, which seemed like hours later.  Yes, he was a wonderful pet. However, I came to the realization that Buddy was not given the opportunity to be all that he could be due to my lack of understanding regarding leadership and teamwork.

Four months following Buddy’s death, a seven week old yellow Labrador retriever puppy we named Bentley, entered our lives.  Shortly after his homecoming I met our Canine Coach, Sharon.  By chance I had read a newspaper article about Sharon’s expertise in training owners and their canine kids.  I contacted her and our training began when Bentley was 10 weeks old.

 Bentley turned 10 months old on January 1, 2007.  He follows a number of commands both on and off leash.  Not once have I raise my voice or asked Bentley a question.  Once he understands the command, he has become accustomed to responding as long as I follow through with consistency remaining composed and assertive.  Training is weaved into our daily lives.  Sharon has taught me that distractions are opportunities for Bentley and me to practice teamwork.

If I were to acknowledge the countless ways that Sharon has enhanced our lives I could easily write a book.  She will remain an essential part our lives for many years to come.  With Sharon’s proficiency, Bentley and I are becoming the team we were meant to be.

 Patricia Robinson Trapp and Bentley

We met Sharon because we had bought an electronic collar and now we were hiring someone to train us on it? She was very calm when she arrived. She is the only new visitor we had had who did not elicit Tootsie peeing upon greeting. Sharon certainly knows how to greet a strange dog and how to command authority with her quiet, but firm voice. Tootsie had been displaying very dominant and independent behavior. Sharon put the collar on Tootsie and in less than 5 minutes she had become more obedient. As time passed, and we have learned how to use the collar, we are much happier parents and Tootsie Roll is a much happier dog. She knows she has her freedom and we are willing to give it to her knowing that we can call her back at any moment. She has now turned into a dog we can really enjoy.

Being trained by Sharon was a real learning experience. She was very patient with us, and very very patient with the dog. Or is that the other way around? She was always calm and very professional. She was also very persuasive and assured us we were doing the right thing. We achieved another level of obedience by using the electronic collar and we could not have done it without Sharon's expertise.

Jim & Jane Hoover with Tootsie

I am the owner of several well-loved dogs. These dogs need to be groomed on a regular basis. It was always a challenge to take them to be groomed. They would be so anxious from the time we left the house right up to the time we reached our destination. It was hard to attempt to get them out of the car. I could only open the door a bit and make sure I had them by the leash. Then the "Grand March" to get them inside as they pulled and ran around me. That one small task of taking my dogs out was a Dreaded Event!

One day I saw the flyer for the Canine Coach. What a Godsend! One visit to my home; I could not believe my dogs! They could sit, wait, listen. It took work on my part, but Sharon gave me the directions and tools I needed. I was amazed at how quickly they learned. How easy it was! Going out with my dogs is a whole new experience. I am proud to take them and know they will behave.

Over the past ten years Sharon has been there for help and any concerns I've had. She is a dedicated pet person. She is more than a great Canine Coach, she is a friend.

  -Cindi Vozka with Abby, Bailey, and Libby





Stella at place during meal time (instead of on the table at meal time)

First hunting trip and birds retrieved (instead of me trying to retrieve the dog)




Tess overcomes her fear of the Puppy Eating Monster


Carol & JuJu



Lady Olsen




The Welhoefer Family










































Bailey, Abby and Libby

Bailey, Abby and Libby

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