Training Programs


Puppy Classes

Pee Wee Puppy Enrichment:

Get your puppy off on the right paw with puppy rules, manners and exploration. Set the foundation for a well-balanced adult dog. It's never too early. For puppies 8 weeks - 16 weeks. This is a private session so we can tailor it to your specific puppy needs whether you are having trouble with house-breaking, play-biting, coming when called or manners with the kids. This appointment is scheduled according to what fits your schedule.Our Pee Wee Puppy class condensed into a 2 hour session conducted in our training facility.

Puppy Playgroup:

A safe place for puppies to develop some of their dog etiquette. Their owners can brush up on some their skills and dog-dog language interpretation also. This is separate from our Pee Wee Puppy Enrichment Consult. You do not have to have completed Pee Wee Puppy Enrichment to participate in Puppy Playgroup. These sessions have a variable schedule. Check our calendar.

E-Dogs Remote Collar Training

Remote Collar Training

Are you interested in off-lead reliability and a dog you can take any where or do anything with? A dog friends and even strangers admire? Is your life already busy and your time limited? Would you like to achieve those goals in a short time period so you can enjoy life with your dog as soon as possible? We specialize in this gentle, non-confrontational tactile communication that results in rapid, lasting results. From Junior Varsity to All Star, we have a variety of remote collar training programs to fit anyone's needs and budget.

Traditional Group (leash & collar)

Mutts with Manners

Are you embarrassed to have company over because your dog jumps all over them? Do you dread walking your dog because he pulls you down the street or worse yet bolts after cars driving by? Would you like neighbors to admire your dog instead of complain about him? Are you tired of just plain mayhem in your household? This 6 week class will help with the Dog Mayhem giving you time to deal with the Other Mayhem in your busy, hectic life. If you are looking for a courteous canine you not only love, but enjoy having around, this is the class for you. Six weeks. Check calendar for schedule.

Therapy Dog Class

Ever want to take your dog to visit the elderly or help kids learn to read by sharing your dog's love & patience? This 5 week class gets you prepared to take a therapy dog test. Learn about the different organizations, the differences between service dogs and therapy dogs and more!!! 

Other Options

Special Teams

Need to work on something in particular? Want some one-on-one attention? We'll design a custom, individual program just for you and your dog with a private trainer.

Training Camp

Sometimes the best solution is sending your dog to training camp. Your dog will be brought into our trainer's home and incorporated into our trainer's pack as if one of their own. During camp, we will teach your dog. At the end of the session, we will show you how to maintain what he learned.

Day Camp

Having trouble with the idea of not having your dog sharing your evenings, but still need the benefits of Training Camp? Try Day Camp. Drop your dog off on the way to work & pick him up on the way home. We'll spend the day schooling her in her lessons. At the end of the program, we'll school you, too.

Fun  & SPORT Stuff


Amaze your friends and family with how smart your dog is! Build a fun relationship bond and improve obedience skills with TRICKS! You can also win ribbons and certificates without having to travel to costly competitions! Fun, fun fun!

Scent Fun

Turn your dog into a Dog Detective! Nosework is an activity taking the nation by storm! Dogs and handlers of any age or physical condition can participate in this sport based on detection work done by police and military dogs. Dogs think it's a big game (which it IS!). Owners love it because it is a fabulous activity to use up their dog's extra energy without owners having to expend a lot. A lot of it can also be done indoors, a huge plus for our Northwoods winters! A truly Scent-sational activity for dogs and people!

Open Gym Nights

Tired of training in the dark, the cold, the rain, the snow, the wind, the sun, the bugs? We'll be opening the Field House so you can use the facilities to work on your own.


Need to focus on the person part of the canine-person team? Interested in another activity to share with your furry friend? This fun activity may be of interest to you. First time yoga students are welcome. Class schedule varies.


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